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We are proud to support the following studies currently underway across the country.

DIAGNOSE CTE Research Project

Diagnostics, Imaging, And biological science Network for the target Study and analysis of Chronic Traumatic nervous disorder

Location: Boston, New York, Las Vegas, Scottsdale/Phoenix

Seeking: Former NFL players, former faculty soccer players, and non-contact contestant management participants between the ages of forty five and seventy four are recruited for a 3 day study visit at one of four locations.

Goal: The DIAGNOSE CTE research may be a multi-center, multi-disciplinary, 7-year, longitudinal study designed to develop and refine methods of diagnosing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) during life and to examine risk factors for CTE. The study won’t be providing a diagnosing or treatments to participants. Funded by the National Institute of medicine Disorders and Stroke.

Learn how to participate here or contact Olivia Haller at or 617.414.1193.

Click here to go to the DIAGNOSE CTE research web site.

HOPE CTE Study – Health Outreach Program for the Elderly

Location: Greater Boston

Seeking: Men and Women subjects WHO area unit a minimum of fifty years previous, vie a minimum of 5 years of soccer, MMA, boxing, rugby, soccer, or athletic game, with 2 of those years occurring at the collegial, semi-professional, or skilled levels.

Participants can have a two-day visit once a year to the BU college of drugs to participate in a very type of tests, together with a medical specialty communication, memory and psychological feature tests, mood and behavior questionnaires, a blood draw, and an MRI scan.

Goal: The HOPE Chronic Traumatic nervous disorder (CTE) study is meant to develop strategies of designation CTE throughout life. This is an extension of the Health Outreach Program for the Elderly (HOPE) Study of the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

Interested in participating? Contact Alyssa Phelps at or 617.358.6545.

Molecular Imaging of Brain Injury and Repair in NFL Players

Location: Baltimore

Seeking: Researchers at Johns Hopkins ar seeking former NFL players WHO contend for 2 or additional seasons and whose last season was at intervals the last 5 years. Participants must be between 25 and 40 years old and have no history of psychiatric disease. Qualified participants will undergo a PET scan, an MRI scan, and an optional lumbar puncture. Those finishing the study can receive compensation for time and jaunt port.

Goal: the aim of this study is to trace markers of injury and repair, offer information to investigate concussions, verify the severity of the results, and verify the long term health impact on the players. Interested in participating? Contact Dr. Jennifer Coughlin at or 443.287.4701.

Light Therapy Study

Light Therapy to Improve Cognition in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Location: Greater Boston
Seeking: Male and female subjects ages 18-75.

Must have intimate TBI(s) a minimum of six months agone, prior to the screening visit. The TBI(s) may be mild to moderate, associated with car accidents, blast injury in veterans, and work-related or sports related injuries, including repetitive head impacts as may occur in American football, ice hockey, soccer, etc.

Goal: the aim of this analysis study is to look at whether or not diode (LED) treatment applied to the pinnacle will improve thinking and memory in folks that have suffered one or more traumatic brain injuries (TBI). After a TBI, some cells may not fully recover.

Applying lightweight to the pinnacle, in specific red and near-infrared wavelengths, might facilitate to repair cells which will not be functioning properly when injury.

Interested in participating? Contact the LED Neuromodulation Research Team at 857.364.4029 or click here to learn more.