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"Football is not a game for children. Flag offers all of what is good about football without the head blows." - Denny Doyle

I played contact football from age 8 through college and sustained concussions at each level of play.

When my grandsons became of age to begin football I looked closely at the new science regarding blows to kid’s heads. What I learned surprised me. While I knew repeated concussions can cause brain injury, I did not know the brain disease called CTE is not caused by concussions, but repetitive sub-concussive blows to Kid’s heads. Most people think the former NFL players seeking compensation from the NFL’s Billion Dollar settlement Fund got CTE while playing professionally.  Actually, the disease was initiated when they played youth football. NFL players who did not play until High School, when their brains were more mature, did not get CTE.
Eight to 14 years of age is the most dangerous time to play contact football. Kids necks are weak, and their helmeted head represents a high ratio of their body weight, and when they collide their heads bobble like a doll and their brains vibrate inside their skulls. Flag football offers all of the advantages of contact football without the head blows. Flag Football.  It’s a No Brainer!
-- Dennis Doyle

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